Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tummy Tale's Birth

January 23rd of the year 2013 marks the birth of my food blog: Tummy Tale

I am more happy with this compared to my personal blog for I initiated the latter out of
jealousy and boredom. This time I must say that I really am ready for the commitment I
must offer to this blog. Moreover, I love food so what's not to share, right?

I may not welcome you with an Italian cream puff, Japanese sukiyaki or a Chinese noodles but instead I have these junk foods posted before your eyes. I must confess that as much as I want
to live  a very healthy lifestyle, I cannot take junk foods out of my diet.

They're cheap, delicious and convenient in times of chismisan and drinking session with your
 friends. In addition, I enjoy these  when I study, when I can't sleep or even when I'm just
watching the television.  Here's to junk food junkies out there :")))


  1. Welcome to the world of dangerous niche.. Food! :D

    Import some of your food entries here. I tried it when I imported my personal entries into my personal and travel blog. :D

  2. Supportive :)))
    Hahaha thanks for the precaution haha grabe naman yang dangerous.
    Bakit bakit? :P Nakakataba ba talaga? LOL.

    Ee. I want. Pano mag import ng posts? ^^