Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blugre Coffee: A Delectable Media Gathering

I have posted the details of the gathering in my personal blog post here. Blugre has an on-going photo contest, Blugre stores in Davao City are being renovated they are expanding BIG TIME with a head start at their Abreeza branch, Tagum and Davao Doctors College Branch which will be opening this 28th of February.

We all had a wonderful experience in the good hands of Ms. Joanne Siy, VP for Operations of Blugre. It was a Mindanao-wide blogger meeting and our batch happen to meet at the Blugre Gaisano Mall branch. The shop in this branch is counter type; it's an open cafe. Nonetheless, the aesthetics (i.e furnitures. . . ) and service are of the same value as those in the closed shop types.

I've always known Blugre for their renowned durian coffee but I was glad to have experienced more of what they can offer. There are times when I am not in the mood for coffee but I'd still want to experience the soothing feeling of staying at a coffee shop.

I just found myself a new comfort drink and a new favorite iced tea blend.  We're one of the  first to taste Blugre's house blended iced tea and I really really appreciate the concoction. They also have 'raspberry-flavored iced tea' so if by chance you get to visit Blugre and you're not in the mood for coffee, you might as well have iced tea.

We've paired those unforgettable iced tea with tuna cheese melt and what can I  say? It's a perfect combination. Comfort food in a comfortable place = a very satisfying snack for a very relax-worthy day.

Do you like cheese? Or those very appetizing bite size food? Here's both in one very delicious recipe. These cheese roll bites are yummy. The child in me wants the combination of cheese and cream on it. 

For the person who loves cakes but doesn't really appreciate anything that is too sweet, Blugre's choco torte is perfect for you. Ma'am Joanne insisted that we try this pastry and she left us wanting more. At an instant, we devoured the cake.

I now believe that Blugre has so much to offer. They're not just a cup of coffee . .  they're also signature pastries, house blended iced teas, snacks and everything I can think of when it comes to resto-cafes.

Since I haven't brought my camera that day, I'm sorry for the indecent pictures. I assure you though that these food are best eaten and not visualized so you may now visit the nearest Blugre Coffee branch near you :)

10:00-9:00pm (Daily)
J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City


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