Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jolly at Jickong's MTS

You can never imagine how exhausting a mass comm student's graduating life is. . . and may I add my boyfriend suffers twice as hard in his law study. When we met last year (at a hopeless place) we started hanging out at bars and drinking with friends or by ourselves. Lately, we haven't been able to do the old ways because of our present responsibilities.

Tonight, I did not expect that he asked to get a few drinks after dinner. Enough with my personal affairs, let me head straight to where we chose to grab dinner and have few drinks.

Jickong's BBQ Hauz is a place I've been fond of ever since a friend introduced it to me last 2 years ago. It's located at the far end of Matina Town Square near the stage where the live band performs every evening. What I like about the place is the feel good music, the food and booze. Name it, and Jickong's have it.

Moreover, the food is NOT JUST affordable it's deliciously delicious and it just catches my taste off guard. I really hope that I can visit its very first branch in Torres St.

Ba's Spicy Pork Cutlet
Php 95.00

Spicy foods are very close to my heart especially when it is pork. This is a recipe I've only tasted in Jickong's. Pork seasoned with herbs are not my type of meal but this is definitely an exemption.  It comes with a free iced tea and my RATE would be: 4/5

Rosa Maria Pork Chop
Php 100.00

A 2-pc pork chop without iced tea but has a very sweet and tasty complimentary sauce. This was what my boyfriend ordered and the result - - -a happy tummy. My boyfriend thinks that it lived up to its name for it has rosemary. hahaRATE: 3.5/5

I'm giving Jickong's BBQ Hauz, MTS an overall rating of 4/5. We love the food (especially their rice meals), we love its affordability and the place's accessibility. In addition about the food, their servings are big and you can really get what you pay for. The only disadvantage is the slow (not poor) service because of the amount of people it caters. 

The night life at MTS is as entertaining as it is at downtown. It's a great place to unwind and have fun - - - and so my boyfriend and I (and his frat-mates) did that night  :)


  1. their food is affordable and I would love to try them if I have time (my usual excuse! hahaha!).. :D

  2. Saan ka ba busy Jonas? hahaha. I-try mo na. Masarap, mura at malaki ang serving. Gorabels :)