Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Human Nature Magalogue Turnover

Behold the Jan-Feb issue of Human Nature's magalogue (magazine/catalogue). Its turnover was held at Plaza del Carmen Loyola St. Obrero, Davao City last 19th of January. To tell you the truth, I've known the brand for so long but I don't even have a first hand experience with it. So let me introduce it to you while introducing it for myself as well. Haha!

Human Nature is a 100% Filipino brand that offers natural and organic personal care and make up products. Actually, in their turnover that I attended, they have just launched and introduced a new set of products: Tough Love.

Tough Love is composed of Tough Love Natural Dish Washing Liquid and Tough Love 100% Natural Liquid Detergent. Doesn't it surprise you that fabric softener and even dish washing liquid has a new ingredient called Vitamin E in their  packaging? They are indeed harmful for the skin as much as they are harmful to bacteria.  It's the exact reason why you get that scaly dry hands after doing the laundry or even after washing the dishes.

Homemakers, house helpers and even I need not to worry after handling the laundry or the dishes. These products 

Php 299.75
I remember that my mother used to pick a detergent that smells good hence she chooses fragrant detergents for our clothes. Unfortunately, these synthetic scents may cause discoloration specifically in white clothes or linens. This causes her to buy bleach for a bright white effect on the laundry but then again it can make the clothes dry and crisp so she would need a fabric conditioner. It's a never ending chain of consumption and a never ending use of chemicals which isn't good for the skin. This Tough Love detergent is mild for our skin and it doesn't have harmful chemicals.
Php 89.75
Another good product of Tough Love is their liquid dish washing soap. It's tough on grease but gentle on hands. What I like about these is its citrus smell. I can't wait to post my sponsored review of this product.

In addition for this quarter's new set of Human Nature products, they also have:

Pure Strength Deodorant
Php 89.75

Natural Shampoo
Cool Peppermint Scent
Php 44.75 (50ml)
Php 129.75 (200ml)
All Natural Spray Sanitizer - Tropical Burst
Php 59.75 (50ml)
Php 189.75 (200ml)

Fellow Davao Bloggers :)
If your skin is delicate and sensitive and you want to give it the best care possible, you definitely need these organic and natural products at your home. 
For more information, you can visit the Human Nature website <3

TFS, Pau <3


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