Friday, February 22, 2013

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken at SM Davao

Ola Señorita! What an entertaining and lively greeting from Peri-Peri, a chicken diner famous for its charcoal chicken. Another distinctive trademark of  the restaurant is its wide array of spicy food hence the name Peri-Peri which translates into chili peppers or peppers in Portugal.

It has a very minimalist but interesting interior and is located in the annex of SM City Davao. On the other hand, it is very criticized for the poor service of the place most especially the behavior of the service crew. I've been here for a few times and all of those visits were satisfying: the food is great and I haven't noticed an ill-mannered staff.

However, I cannot talk in behalf of everybody. I like the place and the food they serve. The management should do something regarding their image to their other customers especially to those who haven't had a wonderful time dining at the area.

Everyday Platter A 
Php 235.00
1/4 Peri Chicken, 2pcs, corn flaked chicken tenders, corn and carrots, java rice and gravy.
My boyfriend and I usually orders  the value meal first to have a test taste and of course to save money.  The platter A is favorite for it's good for sharing. We asks the staff to cut the chicken into two and orders an extra rice for the other.

Peri Chicken
It's unique taste is what sets it apart from other chicken restaurants. With or without the gravy, you can savor the chicken's tasty and juicy meat. Lemon, mild hot or hot and spicy; these are the variations you can choose from. I personally like the hot and spicy because it goes well with the java rice.

Chicken Tenders
I think that it can outshine the Peri  chicken especially  for the children. It's delicious and the breading is just extra-special. I don't know how to explain it but it tastes special at least for me.

Solo Java Rice
Php 35.00
It's affordable for a huge cup of rice. If you're eating with a bigger group you may order the Jumbo Java Rice for Php 58.00.

Jalapeno Cheese Fries
Php 58.00
These fries are one of my favorites. I love spicy food and I like how the cheese and the jalapeno taste so good together. Moreover, for a Php 58.00 price you get to enjoy a delicious and real potato fries that is beyond the usual.

Bottomless Soup and Beverage for Php 49.00
While a single glass of drink may cost this much to other restaurants, you can get an unlimited drinks and soup (of any kind available) at Peri-Peri for as low as 49 pesos.

For that particular day we tasted corn and mushroom soup. They are equally delightful and more importantly it's good that it's always served warm.

It is indeed quite an assortment. You can choose between soft drinks, brewed coffee and my favorite green iced tea.

Now I don't think that we're one of the unsatisfied customers. We were as happy and as full as the first time we visited Peri-Peri. 

Since there's a lot to try in their menu, we'll certainly re-visit and we hope that there'll be consistency with the products and of course with their service.

Our overall experience rate would be: 4.5/5

*Good food
*Great place
*Good staff


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