Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rice All You Can the Dencio's Kamayan Way

I can never stop sharing how abundant Davao is. Gorgeous people, great places and most especially good food not to mention that it's also affordable. 

I grew up in Cavite and I can honestly say that my mom always cooks good food so we can save money. Considering what would we be spending eating outside, the equivalent amount of food we'd get would just be enough. 

Enough in the sense that "gusto mo pa pero yun na yun." Ayoko pa naman ng nabibitin ako lalo na sa kanin.  The price of a  small cup of rice at fast food and restaurants is not a joke and it may range from Php 15-75 depending on where you are dining. Yes, it's that expensive for a cup of rice. A price a student's purse cannot fathom.

And with that, I thank rice-all- you-can restaurants here in Davao. The only famous one of that kind in Cavite is Mang Inasal. 

Once upon a time my boyfriend and I was hungry. We're at the mall and fast food is not an option so we decided to grab lunch at Dencio's Kamayan. Dencio's started in 1998 as a family restaurant which offers affordable Filipino cuisine. It grew so fast and popular that it became part of the dining experience of both locals and visitors.

Both of us ordered Pares 1: Pork BBQ and Ribs. They served this value meal with two cups of rice and of course you can always ask for more given that you can finish them all.

We also had adobong kangkong and oh I just missed my mom's adobo. I love the sweetness of Dencio's version however it seems that there's a small amount of kangkong compared to the pork in it. It's as if we ordered pork adobo.

So there you go, if you suddenly miss Filipino comfort food but you don't want to be troubled cooking, you may stop by at Dencio's Kamayan. It's open for lunch and dinner everyday at its operating branches.

Overall Rate: 9/10 We will surely go back for more :)

Davao City
  • Ground Floor, SM City, Ecoland (082) 297-1868 (The branch I visited)
  • Ground Floor, NCCC Mall, Ma-a (082)  305-0449
  • Dencio’s sa Hilltop, Brgy. Langub, Ma-a (082)  286-5070
  • Market Basket, Damosa Gateway, Angliongto St., Lanang (082)  234-5573
  • Cor. Fortune Homes, Lanang, Davao City (082) 234-6378
Tagum City
  • National Highway, Tagum City (084) 218-5000
General Santos City
  • Ground Floor, KCC Mall (083) 553-3355

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