Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Metro Burgers

Indeed, another burger joint has conquered the metro.
 It was opened to the public last February 18, Monday, at Juan Dela Cruz Street 
(fronting Metro Bank). To make it easier for you to find the place,
 below's a map guide to help you find your way into an amazing burger experience.

It is a cozy place for people to hang-out and grab a snack. 
However, the place is not air-conditioned but I assure you that
 it is well-ventilated. Wifi connection is coming soon 
so worry not about that matter. If you already had your TMB experience,
 you may share it at The Metro Burgers Facebook Page :)

Hawaiian Burger
Php 100.00

Here's what I ordered and my buena mano TMB experience. 
Whoever says pineapple fits best a Hawaiian pizza may now think twice. 
The sliced pineapple contradicts the grease of the patty while the salty and slightly 
sour taste harmoniously blends inside my mouth. This is an affordable,
 delicious and satisfying burger.

. . .you can never find the cheese unless you have a bite. 
TMB has uniquely placed the cheese inside their patty and not in between
the bun and the patty. That's something new. Moreover, their buns are
custom-made for them so you'll surely have a new burger experience
 that will sweep you off your feet.

Php 80.00

Php 100.00

Php 100.00

Bacon and Mushroom
Php 120.00

Php 150.00

Regular, Mexican, Chinese, Bacon & Mushroom, Double or my Hawaiian?
 What do you crave for? :) 


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