Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweets at Bo's Coffee Club

Earlier last night, my boyfriend and I were dismissed early from class. It wasn't just the time for dinner so we grabbed milk teas from a shop near our school. Since he'll be having exams next week and  I have a lot of backlogs waiting to be posted, we opted for a coffee shop.

The next thing we know is we're at Bo's Coffee Club, AGAIN. We never get tired of the place because of it's fast internet connection and ambiance. Moreover, we can just order coffee and we can stay there for a very long period of time.

This time was different for there were no frappes for us. We had brewed caffe americano and then we devoured these desserts - - - sweet cake!

Mud Pie
Php 120.00
Mud pie is a layered pie with chocolate as a base or crust with a gooey chocolate filling and is usually served with an ice cream. Bo's take on their mud pie is sort of different but it still have that original Mississippi resemblance.  Its crust has nuts, the next layer has chocolates and it's topped with cream or frosting that tastes delightful. Though the crust is  hard for the fork to get through because of the nuts, everything tastes amazingly fine. Rate 3/5

Old French Choco
Php 55.00
I found the perfect chocolate cake for me! It's sweetness is subtle; the exact sweetness you'll ever need from a chocolate cake. It has 2 layers. The inner is soft and chewy while the outer is crisp ad has a graham-like texture topped with confectioner's sugar. For its very affordable price and surprisingly delicious flavor I Rate it 5/5.

Today we just found the perfect pair for our hot coffee. I'll surely come back for more. I want to taste their New York Cheesecake and Almond Torte :)


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