Friday, February 1, 2013

Resolutions No More: 2013 Goals

I'm done and over with the dramatic 2012 but I must say I have a good head start for 2013. I have had a tainted relationship with my mother but everything was already patched up.

Don't you just feel that I'm a bit more jolly in these photos? I'm more that glad to embrace the whole of 2013 with personal accomplishments an NOT changes.

For several years, I've been jotting down my New Year's resolutions hoping that the bad behaviors, attitudes, perspective etc. . . may change. In contrary, they NEVER happen.

I'm NOT hopeless though. I just realized that these resolutions might have been cliches already. Just like Santa, Easter bunny of Sandman . . . they're their to serve us our hope          
that things may actually change.

As I mature, I realize that they won't. The resolutions I had when I was in grade school is the same as what I've had in high school and in the first few years of being an under graduate student.

Things like: I'll be a better person, I will stop eating junk foods, I will be a good daughter/son/brother/worker, I'll study harder and get good grades.

These are the same resolutions I had over and over again.

They can be personally deceptive. They're like theories without actualization and so this year I did not wrote than a list of 'resolutions' but I came up with a list of activities I WILL accomplish this year :)

Things I Must Do/Accomplish in 2013?

  1. Say YES to a healthy lifestyle
    - and with that I did not just lessen junk food and fatty food intake but I'm pro-veggies and I try to drink as much water as I can.
  2. Learn how to Drive
    - My first step in knowing the basics was taken care of my boyfriend. I'm excited to be on the driver's seat a few months from now.
  3. Join a pageant "again"
    - I am NOT getting any younger. I repeat, I am NOT getting any younger. There are opportunities in life that just can't wait that long. This is a good step to take while I am still young.
  4. Have my OWN domain
    - Writing with passion and without pressure is a lot easier. I enjoy blogging and sharing random thoughts. I thinks this'll be a personal gift for myself after graduation.
  5. Visit Boracay/Palawan/Cebu
    - I can't miss these places. I can't be roaming the streets abroad without witnessing the beauty in my very own country.
  6. Have/Start my OWN business.- I just decided to put my money in something that can be productive and NOT in my closet. Saving for a rainy day is fun :)
  7. Be a flight attendant
    - Who doesn't want to be? Besides, I enjoy being at the service of people. I'm flying soon - - - Cathay Pacific.
  8. Attend Bloggers United and Philippine Fashion Week
    - Staying at Davao hindered me from doing these but once I'm back in Manila, no one's stopping me.
  9. Repay
    - This could have been my first goal but I need a lot of working to do to be able to pay those who have made my education possible. This'll be a lifetime commitment. Thanks for my parents and uncles who sent me to school (I really hope they can read this). Grateful lass here!
  10. Be a part of Manila's blogging community
    - Who wouldn't want too? Almost all the people who inspired me to blog is in Manila. I can't wait to interact with them :)
  11. Organize a reunion
    - I think what I've learned in the events management class must be put into good personal use. I just love get togethers :)
  12. House and lot hunting
    - Do you think I'm taking it too fast? NO! The best investment I can possibly have is the assurance of a great life with a great home.

    Maybe I should start combing my hair.

    I have a bright future ahead of me. I am so excited to graduate :)
    What are your 2013 goals?
    Share it with me :)

    TFS, Pau <3


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