Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gray Areas

Talk about who's been in a hiatus for a week and I swore that I'm guilty. It has been a series of requirements to accomplish for my last semester in college. I've been spending the past week at school, coffee shops and anywhere that I may be able to work.

My thesis co-workers and I have been busy editing, proofreading and drafting the 4th and 5th chapter of the study. Fortunately, we made it through our mock defense yesterday. At last, we can be at peace while waiting for our final defense. Moreover, we would be having ample time to do the necessary revisions needed.

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I know that we've been really loose on handling the paper but as everything comes to an end easily, we're being pressured and suddenly we wanted to do our best. You see, I wasn't really this lax type as a student and in fact I ought to strive very hard in everything academic-related when I was younger.

However, college life can be stressful. I realized that I can comply with my school works but still have a life. I want to sleep, have fun and do something else. Don't get me wrong. I have my studies prioritized above everything else; I just don't want it to get all of my attention.

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In all fairness, with me trying to juggle a lot of activities (school, extra-curricular, work, blogging and relationship) I've learned and experienced so much that there's nothing to regret. In the future, I may look back and say that I have lived my college life completely well minus that Latin honors. At lease, I've been a consistent Dean's Lister and that's something to be proud of.

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I'm not a diligent student but I'm not a bum as well. It's not just black or white there are gray areas as well. I'm so ready to open a new phase in my life and I'm going to experience it with me being neither at the extreme ends of something or at either black or white. I want to immerse in the gray areas - - -or shall I say colorful?

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I'm leaving now with this OOTD (segway, haha) and something to burst your thought bubble. 
What are your thought? Plans? Expectations? Experiences?
I hope your considering to explore your gray areas.

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