Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sightseeing at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant

Yeay! I've set foot on Bigby's again after my first time (in my post here). It was after the Godiva media event I attended; my friends were hungry and they decided that we must eat together. Unfortunately, this was more of a sight seeing and taste testing for me but at least I enjoyed our chit chats. 

Mango shake for me. I don't want to kill the joy but my boyfriend and I planned to eat together so I decided to  just stay with them while waiting for him to fetch me. Comment: I really, really love their mango shake because it's creamy and sweet but that day it was sour. The mango must have not ripen well. Anyways, I'd still come back for more as long as the consistency of their delicious mango shake (my favorite drink) is retained.

The  food above are Sarah's orders. The strawberry shortcake is love. She is bragging it even before we had a good taste of it and it really made an impression on me. I hate strawberries but I love Bigby's strawberry shortcake.

This one is Sharee's. She 's the girl who has a big appetite for her little tummy. Tapa Bai is a spicy beef tenderloin meal served in a sizzling platter. 

Jonas' plate. Enough for a guy's appetite. I must say that the serving is quite fair. Anyways, enough for the sightseeing I'm starting to get hungry. I would now like to share their Valentine's Promo:

Unfortunately, the 'Strawberry Shortcake promo' ended last February 14. I was able to avail it though as a part of my surprise to my boyfriend. The Php 395.00 was worth it.

Don't worry if you missed that promo because there's still a back to back celebration that calls for another promo. Love is still in the air and Bigby's is also celebrating their 15 years in the industry.

For their sweet 15, you can avail "Fudgie Sensation" for Php 15.00 only. Get your own warm brownie treat served with vanilla ice cream. This promo is valid from 2pm-5pm (Feb. 1-28)

Sweet! <3
Happy love month!


  1. nice blog post! :D

    anyway, can I borrow the beef tapa picture? yun nalang kulang eh.. :D