Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mandarin Tea Garden Favorites

Western, Filipino, Italian, Korean, Japanese or Chinese cuisine? Name it and Davao has it. Rice toppings, noodles, DimSum, short orders, hot tea to cold beverages, assorted fruit salad to juices - - - Mandarin Tea Garden has it.

Chinese have influenced Filipinos in many ways most especially in the food we love to eat. Lumpiang Shanghai have been a staple food in Pinoy birthday celebrations all throughout the years. 

Crispy Spring Rolls
My favorite appetizer. In fact, it can be my viand. You can't imagine how stuffed it is inside and that these 3-pc. rolls are worth every penny. In addition, it matches well with its sauce. In short, hindi pinilit. Rate: 5/5

Halo-Halo Lugaw
My boyfriend's favorite in Mandarin is their porridge (lugaw in Tagalog). What makes it special are the contents inside the soup plus the pinoy special style - - -egg. Don't you just love to have some porridge especially when the weather is cold. Yummy! :) Rate: 4/5

Pork Chop Rice Toppings
These are the food I do not miss ordering at Mandarin Tea Garden. They are budget-friendly and very satisfying because of its reasonable serving. Beef, chicken, pork or seafood? Choose a topping from many options laid down before you. I personally like beef ampalaya, pork asado and this pork chop. Rate: 4/5

Service Tea

Complimentary Soup

Another worthwhile dining experience down. If you wish to dine at Mandarin for lunch, make sure that you're quite early from other lunch grabbers. A lot of people really look forward to eat lunch at Mandarin so it can be a little crowded by noon time. Dinner is a much better time to visit the place though.

Sm City Mall
Ground Floor
Quimpo Blvd, Davao City
Tel. No. (082) 298-3626


  1. I love their tropical fruit salad. I don't know if that's the exact name though. Anyway, nice choices. Reading your review makes me want to eat at Mandarin again XD

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will definitely try that dessert in out next visit :")