Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Sunburst (A Little Too Excited)

We, me and my gluttony partner, tried visiting "Sunburst" for the first time. It's located at Tionko Avenue, beside Sutherland (Davao City). We heard that their chicken is one of kind so we have been wanting to eat there for a long time.

One day, more than an hour before my class, we decided to have lunch at the restaurant. I'm giving their SERVICE 1/5. 1 is for the effort of the employees. Why are the 4 points gone? When we entered the restaurant, nobody bothered to give us their menus until we asked for them. After getting the orders, we asked if how long would it take for them to serve the food because I'll be late for my class if it would be too long. They said 20 minutes. Imagine our disappointed faces when food came after an hour. It cost me a class! I was absent for one subject. The worst is they served the drinks after we finished the meal. We just got tired of getting follow ups for our orders.

I'm sorry but I don't intend to cause negative PR for the establishment. I would just advice that if you're in a hurry, choose another food chain.

FOOD 3/5. We went their for their chicken. For me, it tastes pretty normal. There's just something in the breading that makes it more flavorful. Still, it's a passing rate because their mashed potato is delicious and the mango shake is what makes me think that our visit was worth something after all. I do think that their using one of the finest mangoes for that drink. I love mango shakes and theirs is the best I've tasted so far :)

I'm thinking that there will be a room for improvement especially in terms of  the service they give. Employees are always the company's best asset :)

-TFS <3


  1. wow! you've managed to wait for 20 minutes for a chicken!

    If I were in that resto, I would just walk out. haha!

    nice entry. :D

    1. We wanted to but for the sake of trying their chicken, we give it a go. There's a huge possibility that we may not go back there again. Thanks for dropping by :)