Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is about a cute store in SM Annex (Davao): DIGIBABE. My boyfriend has this iTouch (3G) and we rolled out to a lot of places just to buy a casing (bec. the touch have been collecting scratches in the past few days). Since iTouch 4G and iPhone 4/4S are more recent, a lot of stores offer a variety of designs to choose from for that models. Luckily, we found this cute gadget store at SM.

Their products are really cute AND affordable. And so this is what the our iTouch looks like after we purchased a leather case and screen protector:

So here are the snapshots of their other lovely products:

1.) Hard, Jelly and Leather Cases

2.) Cases with designs

3.) Mouse Pads

4.) Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Cellphone Cases and Lanyards/Slings are also available! :)

5.) Dust stoppers :")

6.) Stylish animal prints design. My personal favorite :)

What a cutie. Like their Facebook Page HERE and visit their store for more options :)


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