Saturday, September 8, 2012

Atenean Pride

With Ateneo de Davao hosting the 26th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship and our practicum group being the staff, it already excites me since this is my first time to witness MPDC. We have been present in the 3-day competition where we have witnessed the most persuasive, fluent and eloquent students all over Mindanao.

Happy are we when 2 teams from our school advanced to the finals, 1 from Mindanao State University and another from Xavier University.

These are snapshot from the 3rd day (closing program):

I think I'm ready to hand over the awards later :D

Making myself pleasing to our guests :">

Mr. Supportive :)

With my best friend (Staff member as well) 

Congratulations to the champion: Xavier University

Beauty and Brains
This is Emiko Escovilla (ADDU)
MPDC Best Speaker
The event made me think of joining our campus' debate varsity. However, the pressure of delivering a 15-minute prepared speech in front of a large audience with panelist and adjudicators scrutinizing your points made me stop thinking about it.

Kudos to Ateneo De Davao University, Xavier University and all who joined the competition.



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