Friday, September 21, 2012

I Love BonChon

I think that this is blog worthy because I want to share our first experience with Bon Chon at SM Annex Davao. There I am (again) wanting to buy my milk tea because I'm already full. Fortunately, they ran out of products and we ended up getting something at Bon Chon. My partner tasted their controversial chicken while I ordered their Ko Yo (Korean Yogurt) instead.


We said that it was a unique chain experience and is very far from the other fast food chains. oh! I've recently found out that Bon Chon means 'original village' in Korea. It's as interesting as their spicy glazed yet crispy and non-greasy chicken. It's very delicious! :)

Talk about the house-blended iced tea, it's one of the best iced tea I've tasted that fare rom food chains. Lastly, my favorite is their Banoffee Pie-flavored KoYo. I'm  not a fan of Yogurts but this one really caught me :">

You? What is your Bon Chon experience? :)

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