Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nude & Lace

Photos by: Jam Delima

My get up don't usually look like this. I swear that if my friends see this, they will wonder what's the outfit for. As promised in my previous post, here's my entry for the RedHead Model Search. I'm definitely making the most out of my remaining teenage year. Moreover, the prizes are really enticing. I hope I can make it to top 12 *fingers-crossed* :) 

Anyways, I'll be having an exam later so I need to stop posting blogs (even though it's very tempting) *giggles* Off for now :)

Lace Top: RedHead
High-waisted Skirt: RedHead
Cardigan: Plains & Prints
Peep-toe Heels: Rusty Lopez
Accessories & Belt: Thrifted



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