Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Blogosphere to Reality

I just won a meet and greet contest and McDo blowout with none other than, The Walking Recessionista herself, Miss Cheyser :) This was unexpected and the moment I was told that I won, I just couldn't take the smile off my face. An ultimate fan girl, that is. Who doesn't want to? A lot of bloggers look up to her because there are a lot of beautiful things about her.
...and it's for me to find out :)

What is Cheyser like in person?

She's really pretty. She's simple, jolly, smiles most of the time and has a very sweet voice.

Aw, she personally serve us our treats from McDo. I can say that she's a humble person even if she can be considered as a celebrity in the different social networks.

These were are food. Thanks McDo! :)

Here are my fellow bloggers who also won :)

The food made our tummy full but our experience with Miss Cheyser made our day. That's me. The ultimate fan girl in her tee. It's shameful that I wasn't able dress presentably (I went straight to the meet & greet venue after I worked under time that day)

Now there she is giving me my last favor. I asked for an autograph but she gave me a letter instead. Sweet! :">

From Ate Cheyser:

Have a good day everyone! Never stop believing :)

-TFS <3


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    1. Good for you. :) Sana nakita ko rin siya dati while she's still in ADDU :)