Thursday, September 13, 2012


As promised in my previous post, here's what I wore in our yearbook glam pictorial. It's nothing super fabulous but I like its cuteness. Here are some legit and stolen (literally stolen inside the studio) shots :">

The earrings my Lola gave. I adored this so much.

The simple look

Don'y you just love the maxi pants. They're from SM Department Store - GTW RedHead

My shoes are from SM Dept. Store - Elegance

I got this bib necklace for Php100.00 only at NCCC Mall

Some of my classmates and some of our stolen shots. The management doesn't allow anyone (except their official photographer) to bring cameras inside the studio. How silly:)

It's so paparazzi-like shot and I like it :") 

A little cam-whoring at the dressing room. It happens all the time :">

Oh! A sneak peek of my graduation photo shoot :)))

Because there's gonna be another set of graduates next year. Are you my batchmate? We might as well make the best out of our last year in college :">



  1. I like your outfit pau! :-)

    and grabe ah. stage boyfriend masyado si labidabs mo. hehehe

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    1. Haha thanks Yani! :) Ikaw ang simple lang din outfit mo sa glam pic mo pero ang ganda ganda mo padin. madaya ka. haha :)

      haha. Si Chino? oo nga eh. Mr. Supportive yan. Partners in crime kami :P