Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mustache Davao

Hello readers, this blog is for the purpose of a contest I'm about to join. However, I would still like to share my genuine excitement with regard to the newest Paris-inspired clothing line in Davao City. I heard that they would be selling not just tees but bags, shoes and accessories as well. A one-stop shop for fashionistas out there. Who wouldn't be excited? :)

If you are now curious, I'm telling you that the brand name to remember is MUSTACHE. As a promotional tool, they now have an on-going contest in which they are about to give one shirt, shorts and a set of accessories! :)

Oh I just love to win these treats! Be the first to wear MUSTACHE clothing. Like their Facebook page here and let's show them some love. Welcome to Davao MUSTACHE <3

What's more? I forgot to tell you that the lucky winner would be invited to the 1st photo shoot of their image models. Enticing huh? :)

<3 TFS


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