Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Max's Experience

Last October 2, Max's Abreeza conducted their first blogger's event in Abreeza. I was very eager to attend because Max's is an all time favorite. Agree? It's a classic when it comes to chicken, hence the "Sarap to the bones" tagline. So why are we gathered there? Max's just want to spread the good news which is their newest offer 4 Sharing Meal which obviously is good for 4 persons. They also introduced the newest pair of their good old chicken which is beef. For only P899 a group of four can enjoy 1 whole chicken, 4 iced tea, 4 rice and a choice between Adobong Baka sa Gata and Beef Caldereta.

Beef Caldereta
Adobong Baka sa Gata
This is a personal favorite. I love how the beef compliments the strong taste of the gata. Yummy! I'll be back for more. That's for sure.

Another surprise from Max's is that they will now manufacture their own catsup. It was concocted  to compliment the taste of their chicken. Though 'Jufran' has been the partner of their chicken for a long time, I'm sure you'll also appreciate and love their home-blended catsup. It's quite sweet, I'm sure Filipinos would love such taste. I highly encourage you to try out  Max's and veer away, for a while, with  the ordinary fast. You'll really appreciate not just the delightful food but also the exquisite staff :)

A picture with Mr. Robert Simborio, Coorporate Media and PR Manager for Max's Corporation.

A box of their delicious caramel bars.
We all got this treat as a 'bring home' treat. How delightful! :)

So, do you want to try these new treats? :)
Bring your friends and loved ones to Max's Abreeza for now.
Max's in SM Lanang will soon serve you.

Visit or maybe like their FB page here: :)

-TFS <3


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