Friday, October 26, 2012

Tested&Tasted: Comfort Drink

We all know that Filipinos are fond of drinking soda and coffee however milk teas are added to our options of refreshment and even a day starter. Every close friend knows I'd choose milk tea over any cup of coffee, juice, soda or even water (not kidding).

Unlike most of my friends, I was forced to love milk (fresh milk, powdered milk, sterilized, any kind of milk). I guess that explains why my teeth and bones are strong, seriously. For 17 years I have to drink milk twice a day because I was skinny back then. I stopped drinking when I was in 2nd year college, it's too expensive now that I'm the one who'll purchase it.

With regard to tea, my first knowledge about it is that it's beneficial for those who want to lose weight. My mom used to drink Kankura. When she found out that it's harmful for the colons, she stopped. 

My first experience with tea wasn't that good. I never liked it. I feel like I'm having a drink which has grass sinkers (which is quite true) because it tastes like one.

Milk tea shops started to sprung like mushrooms and everybody, including me, wanted to give it a try. It failed me the first time. Some milk teas in Manila tastes odd for me because the tea's proportion is greater compared the milk in it.

Last year, my co-workers introduced me to a cafe that satisfied my taste and even exceeded my expectations on milk teas. Aside from losing weight (what I thought was it's the only thing it does), who would've thought that there are more benefits this tea can bring.

Tealoca is my favorite milk tea cafe. They serve a wide array of milk teas, fruit teas and milk deluxe which can be paired to a variety of delicious toppings. I'm in love with their egg pudding. The best in town or shall I say the best in the country? I've tried different milk teas from Manila and here in Davao and most of the time the concoction is just disappointing and their egg pudding tastes 'trying hard.' Haha.

I know the prices are a bit expensive but I assure you it's worth the price. If you love their products just like me, you can avail their loyaltea card. You will get a stamp every time you purchase a large drink and after the 10th stamp you get a free milk tea of your choice. That's cool. I've always been excited to get my free drink and I don't know if of how many times have I completed a loyalty card.

I've really gone loca with Tealoca and it'll be an all--time favorite, a study buddy, past time company and a comfort drink. The place would never fail to comfort you as well. Aside from these stools, they also have couches, sockets and a free wi-fi connection. Now, who wouldn't want to hang-out there and sip a refreshment? However, these amenities are only availabe in their Gaisano Mall branch, it's first branch. They recently opened another in Abreeza Ayala Mall which is quite convenient for those who are from the north.

For more details, you can follow them at (click for the hyperlinks):
Tealoca Website
Tealoca Facebook Page


- Ayala Abreeza Mall: Level 3, Ayala Abreeza Mall, JP Laurel Ave, Davao City
- Gaisano Mall of Davao: 4/F, Gaisano Mall of Davao, JP Laurel Ave, Davao City

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3


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