Monday, October 22, 2012

The Family I Never Had

Do you think that we attended a mass wedding? If yes, then theme achieved but we didn't. First, there's a big number of ladies compared to the gentlemen and another this is just our graduation/senior's  ball themed "Til Grad Do Us Part." A grand production for such an event don't you think?
Our batch (Mass Communication 2013) decided to make it an unforgettable night; the last event that will be organized by the class. But first let me not use the word classmates/batch-mates because it's an understatement considering all the things we've been to. These people is more of the family I never had. Though unrelated by blood, we have been brought together by time and experience.

I cannot speak for all of us regarding what happened that evening so here's a few pictures I want to share and show how I enjoyed that night.

These are my college buddies. I've been with them for 4 years now (...and still counting)

A picture with the gentlemen.

...and now with some of the beautiful ladies.

...with some of our teachers.

...with my very supportive and loving uyab (boyfriend)


Left: I'm with my best guy friend who welcomed his young adulthood at the night of our event.
Right: My simple self. Thanks to my very talented MUA (Mara Corsiga).

To the man at the right, our mentor, our friend, our father, our critic, our disciplinarian and our role model, Sir Rikki Enriquez, I am grateful for your efforts to mold us into better persons.

The night isn't just about photo ops. We had our fine dining, cotillion, games and a whole lot of reminiscing. As we graduate we don't turn our backs to each other but we face the new season of our lives.

*To all who will graduate on March of 2013, congratulations!*

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3