Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oishii Sumo Sam

I have always loved Italian/Mexican/American dishes but this night we’ve gone Japanese. To veer away with the usual fast food chains and restaurants, my boyfriend and I decided to dine at Sumo Sam, Abreeza. Checked their menu and thought of splurging (minsan lang naman eh, haha!). There’s really a great difference between a high-end restaurant’s staff compared to somefast food chains’ crew. I must say that in this branch, their staff was well-trained and not ill-mannered. It’s a part of a customer’s total dining experience. I’m giving them a perfect 5 for the service.

Their menu. It's very cute :)

California Roll Php218
Chicken Teriyaki Plate Php288
Tonkatsu (Curry Ramen) Php168

Now, my most favorite part which is the food. I love all of them, all of which we have ordered. I've had Teriyaki Plate which for me is perfect because it’s meat is tender and very flavorful. The chicken almost tastes like pork. Love at first taste it is. That was were my post title came from. Oishii means tasty or flavorful in Japan. The California Roll was scrumptious especially the crab meat toppings. I’m not fond of eating sea foods but I liked this one. Go for their California Roll (a.ka. California Maki) it’s one of their must-tries. Hmm, about the Ramen, I don’t like meat to be cooked that way (with soup). However, my partner really liked it. He appreciates more varieties of food more than I do. That’s it. I’m giving 4/5 rating for the delicious meal. I don’t know how we finished all the gigantic (big serving) dishes. We were really stuffed afterwards.

Happy tummy :)

You might want to visit their newest branch at SM Lanang Premier.

See more details on their Facebook page:

Love Lots,
TFS, Pau :)


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