Monday, October 29, 2012

Tea Amo's Halloween Corner

Fast-approaching, Halloween really is evident in every corner: jack o' lanterns,costume parties, trick or treat and even fun run with the zombies. 

This quick post is about our visit at Tea Amo a few days back. As usual, their milk tea is as satisfactory as ever. What I usually have is their Wintermelon Milk Tea with 50% sweetness level and pearls as my sinkers. A must-try :)

 Mr. Pumpkin there welcomes every customer, too. Such an updated feeling for them to decorate the place with spooky stuff. On the opposite side of the counter, there are cob webs and spiders.

However, this will always be my favorite corner. The cuteness of these colorful post its is just enough to give the area a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

Aside from their refreshments, there sweets are also loved by their regular customers (including me). Oh, try the Creepy Pops, a special pastry designed because its's Halloween (obviously, haha).

To match that, here's our creepy faces posing for the camera. Such nice staff. Don't just stick and post a note, capture the moment in their Halloween costume corner, too.

You may also want to visit their Facebook page for more information -- Tea Amo :)

Happy Halloween everyone
Enjoy your semestral break

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3


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