Wednesday, October 31, 2012

iStyle: Corporate and Casual BTS

I love to dress up when I was young - or rather it's my mother who wants to dress me up. She doesn't give much attention to what's in style but she can definitely pull out any outfit. In short, ang galing niya magdala. That's one thing I admire about her.

This post is about a friend's friend who ask me to style her. I hope the introduction's not that far out. Well, I lent her clothes for her presentation before so I assume that she must like what I've prepared. This time she needed a corporate and a casual look for her yearbook.

I was excited and at the same time hesitant. I, myself, don't have that much clothes. In addition, it's my first time. So here are some of the pictures BTS:



(c) Jamaica Delima
Thanks to Anne for trusting us, me and my partner Jam.

Now, what do you think? :)

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3


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