Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweetiepies' Book Clutches

Backlog, again. But never mind that, I found (or she found me) a really nice online shop that sells cute stuff. I'm loving twitter since it makes me wander into some interesting boutiques online. The owner, Rachel, tweeted me about book clutches with a link of their Facebook page. The curious me immediately dropped by the page and I instantly loved their products.

I'm never fond of online shops because I prefer buying at malls. I do browse but I seldom buy. This is just my 3rd purchase from an online shop. I guess there's always a first time for everything and exemptions as well. Visit their Facebook page here: Sweetiepies :)

I purchased two book clutches, really cute, stylish and unique. One is for my personal use and another is for a lovely reader of mine.

I really wanted to jump for joy when the package arrived.
I'm that excited :)

She even wrapped it in a comics-designed paper and personalized it
by putting my name. Thanks Rachel. This is so sweet of you :)

The happy me.
 It's as if I received a gift but then again I purchased it
and I  know it's worth the price.

These are the designs I personally chose :)

I found this note inside one of the clutches and I felt grateful once more.
 Letters are my Kryptonite. It melts me, touches me :)

I can't wait to post an outfit with one of the clutch.
Please stay tuned I'll be giving one book clutch well because my blog turned
two months old last October 28. Time flies.

Good bye for now :)

TFS, Pau <3


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