Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tasted&Tested: Chicken Charlie

What's with my title? I really don't know but I'm thinking of having this blog section where I can share my restaurant or coffee shop experience. It's everything about food and that my readers can enjoy especially if they're looking into a place where they can eat.

Anyways, this post is about my newest favorite fast food chain. Of course, it serves chicken but it's no way near the usual fried chicken for me. Chicken Charlie is a hundred percent Filipino born chain. It started in 2012 at Quezon City and imagine how fast its branches spread across the country. No doubt since the food is oh so yummy! Believe me, I love food as much as you do. Haha :)


For the love of spicy foods and since it's our first time, we tried Charlies Bowl (with Hot Sweet Sauce) with regular iced tea. The flavorful mix is something I can't compare to any other because it's my first time to taste such. I wonder if it's an original recipe. With my previous visits, I've been ordering the same but with a different side dish. The next time would be allocated for their pride, 'Soy Garlic 


I can honestly interchange the taste of their iced tea from that of Tokyo Tokyo's (sometimes). It's that great. I've been eyeing on their Bundaberg and I'll try it one of these days.


Now, if you get tired of chicken (I'm afraid you won't) they also serve finger foods. I told you I love spicy food so now I I'll also share my love for potatoes. 

We tried their Cheesestick Dynamites (Php 83), Wedges (Php 55) and Fries w/ Sour Cream Dip (Php 39). 


Please try this, its awesome for its not just crunchy, I assure you it's non-greasy as well. Do I need to have a disclaimer? This is not a paid or sponsored post, it's just my genuine personal experience.

Outstanding grade for Chicken Charlie. Happy Tummy :">

Chicken Charlie, Davao City

The Peak Gaisano Mall
Davao City, Philippines
Official Website:

Facebook Page:

Share your happy tummy experience with me. I might also like to try the place :)

Love lots,

TFS, Pau <3


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