Friday, October 12, 2012

David Guison Earned Himself a New Admirer

Last October 6, a symposium entitled "Online Marketing and Self-Branding was organized by the Marketing students of Ateneo De Davao University. Since I've already started blogging (a month ago), I told myself to go for this event since I know I will be learning something. But of course, what really drove me to attend was the speaker. It's none other than, David Guison. Haha! Did not hesitate to attend when I found out about it and I immediately invited my friends to come as well. Hey, we're Mass Communication majors and the internet is a part of today's media (Disclaimer, LOL).

Well, back to David, who is a one of the top fashion bloggers here in the Philippines, I was really excited to hear about his talk hence the picture above. We were one of the early birds thus a lot of seats were still empty. I made sure we take the front row seats (you know why =D), not the first row though.

He talked about everything you need to know about blogging (The David Guison's perspective). I wanted to share some highlights with you guys especially with regard to a blogger's scope of work: 

Sponsored blog posts
Outfit posts
Events coverage
Restaurant reviews
Gadget Review
Hotel reviews
Car reviews
Photo Diaries
Sponsored tweets
Brand ambassadorship
Sidebar Ads
TV Guesting
Speaking engagements
Emails, meetings, pullouts
Shoot, edit, write, post

Now I can't give you a complete recap but imagine how busy and versatile bloggers can be. See, I took down notes. Haha! Some may have started it as a hobby, but who knows what your blog may become someday. With all these activities, it must have been the passion for what he do that makes him accomplish all these things. Can you imagine how exciting his life is? I do admire him and the other bloggers even more hence my title for this post.

For some reason, I wasn't able to finish the symposium and didn't hear something from self-branding. However, true enough. these days, that a person can make him or herself stand for something that people know you to be. Sometimes, it's not just about self-branding but self-marketing as well. Standout and let others make you their first choice out of the many options they got their.

Ciao for now. Kudos to ADDU Marketing students who initiated this and to their moderator/teacher who treated us very well. I will end this with the 'fan girl' picture of mine with David Guison :)

You're admired :)

Love Lots,
TFS, Pau :)


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