Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Step by Step

After countless cups of coffee, cobra, consultations, group meetings, sleepless nights, eye bags making and manuscript revisions, our thesis group had finally presented and defended our study proposal. Even though our paper was sort of re-routed by the panelists, at least it's not rejected. It's something worth studying. This is our title: Role of Community Based Communication In Expanding the Farming Skills in Sitio Lumondao, Barangay Marilog Proper, Marilog District, Davao City. We'll be working on this after our break.

This is me with my thesis-mates. All smiles. Crazy people in action. We cam-whore every after an end of our meeting. It's as if we're not troubled, relaxed. The truth is we are deeply broke - financially, physically and sometimes emotionally. Thesis is a luxury we have to pay in cash, in time and in efforts and even sacrifices.

However, it's still an enjoying thing to do. Catching deadlines, revisions, conceptualizations - I think it made us a more mature persons, individually.

This is what keeps us going, aside from snacks. But honestly, we really have to place an order if we are going to stay at a coffee shop until 5 am.  A cup of coffee so we can stay there, avail their wifi and sockets. Quite fair.

When we are out of money to meet at coffee shops, we go online. Start Mart (Ecoland) is a great place to work at, fast wifi, has sockets, air-conditioned,  quiet and less expensive food (lots of options) to keep me awake. I must say that the area is really a nice place to study at since a lot of law and medical students chose to stay in this place when they're reviewing for an exam.

Meet our extended groupmate - my boyfriend. He's present in almost all meetings, very supportive indeed.

Of course, he's not just there to eat and give us moral support. He reads. A lot. For their recitation. He's a law student. It makes me think of our Media Law subject and I wish I already knew him back then when I was still wrestling with that subject.

When the pocket seems to be really complaining, work's done at home. However, after I eat, it can really be tempting to lie on the bed. I'm such a pig.

How haggard and groggy. One disadvantage of being along, nobody can control my vanity, facebook surfing, blog hopping and all other possible forms of  distraction while working :)

Don't try mixing the two. It ruined my stomach. I had a (toilet) situation after this

I'm really looking forward for this research to be done. We've been through A LOT
We'll be defending it in a few months. So, help us God.

I know some of you can relate in some ways.
Comments are loved.
Goodnight :">

TFS, Pau <3


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