Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Puppy Love

Just a short post from my strolling at Abreeza a few days back. I spotted this very CUTE Pomeranian at a pet shop and I just wanted to buy it right a way. Good thing I don't have Php 20,000 pesos with me or it'll transform into a dog. 

I remember an old neighbor who bought a dog of this breed and I've never forgotten what their breed was called. Pom Pom's came from a region of Europe called "Pomerania" hence its name. I have always loved toy dogs, they're very cute, cuddly and it makes you want to bring them anywhere you go. Maybe, that's why some of the artists' constant company are their pet pups. What do you think?

Now, I loved it even more because it was trying to play when I went near his cage. I would really want to have this energetic little fox-like-fur-ball when I already have the means to purchase and maintain one.

For now, I'll just play with my boyfriend's Japanese Spitz named Frodo. Haha. However, he's not really playful and quite timid. I can give him a scare just by approaching him so we leave him alone most of the time. He's the exact opposite of the word - hyper :( Aw, sad.

I now a little training will do and when he matures, he'll surely know how to relate with us. Baby Frodo, can be a man's best friend, too :)

What's/Who's you favorite puppy? :)

Dog Lover,
TFS, Pau <3


  1. Our little AsPin boy, Chongkee! Imported from Surigao del Sur via Bachelor Tours... Adopt ka na lang. Mas fulfilling... ;)

  2. Ang cute ng name :) 'pag hindi na talaga ako sa boarding house nakatira, I will :)