Monday, October 8, 2012

Fell in Love with WAGW

Iv'e been little miss casual since I started dressing up by myself. Thus, making my wardrobe suffer from tees, jeans and shorts invasion and the picture above is my usual get up. Little did I know that I'd be welcoming my first blazer. The first blazer I own and bought for myself. Yes, I know it's a must for a girl and that it's highly trending nowadays but pardon the late realization.
I know a lot of you are very familiar with What a Girl Wants and so am I. It's just that I previously thought that it was an intimidating store to enter but hey, I think I'm in love with WAGW <3

So there, I intended to attend an event at Abreeza Mall but was a little bit early so I strolled for a while and entered WAGW. I checked out their printed shorts until I reached the area where blazers are hung. I saw a very elegant looking black blazer and immediately tried it on. The fitting and the style was perfect. I asked for a stock but the staff told me that it was the last piece. I can't let it slip off my hands so I gladly bought it. No regrets. I'm very happy. It cost me 1249 pesos only for a very functional piece of garment.

Got my multi-pocketed blazer with blue lining 

It's mu first but definitely not the last purchase :)

Ring: Mustache

Thanks to my supportive boyfriend/photographer :)

What's your favorite boutique? :)

-TFS <3


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