Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tested&Tasted: Sinangag Republik

Sinangag Republik is a restaurant that opened last June 1, 2012 and it's located at Metrolifestyle Complex, E. Jacinto Extension, Davao City. For the people who has a normal body clock and eats at the right time perhaps at home would be a more preferable place to eat fried viands. I, for one, lives in Bajada and I would not bother visit E.Jacinto extension just to have my breakfast.

So, the reason why I bumped in to this establishment is because first, I don't have a normal body clock. I'm a nocturnal creature. Second, we finish our thesis in a coffee shop near the area. 

A view outside the window

The concept of the place is well-thought of. The name and the decoration coheres with each other - - it's very Pinoy.  The name itself, as we all know, refers to Filipino fried rice. Another, Filipino pride is their interiors. The counter is designed as the jeepney's (a means of transportation in the Philippines) body while the head of the vehicle goes through the glass making it a pretty attraction at the restaurant's entrance.

The wall have been designed with different road signs and plate numbers. Isn't it cute? It's open 24 hours a day and I've always been there when the sun is sleeping. In those wee hours of the day I must say that the place is cozy and inviting.
Chicken Hotdog

Lechon Kawali

It's affordable (less than a hundred) and it's delicious too. Don't worry because they have value meals and I think you should give it a try. They have a wide spectrum of served viands that'll surely satisfy your appetite any time you want, literally. So, if you're fond of eating Sinangag visit them and give it a try :)

 For more information, you may add their Facebook account:
Sinangag Republik
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