Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ipanema Unleashes the Urban Jungle Fashion Show

I'm very much excited to share to you my dear readers an hour of unique fashion show or shall I say enchantment that I've witnessed. Animals come to life as they showcase Ipanema's new collection. Mind you, I've been to a lot of fashion shows but this one's an innovation. It's like I'm watching a theatrical performance slash  gymnastics slash fashion show. In short, the show amazed me :)

The show started with this jolly caterpillar entertaining us and giving away pairs of Ipanema slippers to the lovely audiences. There were also raffle winners who received a limited edition laptop case from Ipanema. It's so cute. Imagine how envious I am that time.

Before I introduce you to the funky and fierce animals in the jungle, I'll first show you the runway. It may look simple but the festive vibes of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is totally in the air. 

Now we can proceed to the show. It's like a visual story and I hope you can enjoy it.

The Zebra is so poised as she showed the Ipanema slippers. It was a  very good start. If you think they just walked at the ramp, then you're wrong. I think they ruled the runway.

This Peacock is very beautiful.

The most jolly of them all - the Dolphins.

The Wolves gave me a scare. All of them are in character. They're more of an artist than a model for me. Of all their pictures from my camera, I chose this because I want to give you a glimpse of these Wolves in action. Imagine how comfortable those soles can be with the models having the need to move a lot.

Another in-action photo. I included this even if it seems a little awkward with the  Caterpillar there who looks as if he's peeking. *laughs* Oh just pay attention to how the Eagle soar. Davao's pride.

Can't help not putting more than one picture of her because the lighting is so perfect. It's also because I find her pretty, don't you think? :)

I think she's an Antelope. I love this inclining photo.

The Ostrich had a remarkable performance as well.

*hiss* Now for my favorite, Miss  Snake.

Her physique and flexibility really matches her character. 
I really admired her performance.

"Rawr!" says the Queen of The Jungle. These two Lions grooved to the beat before all the other animals come to join them.

The finale

The event was a success. I thank  Ipanema for bringing this Majestic show to Davao. I know all the audience enjoyed this concept of introducing a new collection.

Now a picture with some of the Davao Bloggers :)) I enjoyed the night indeed.

Before I forget, I also thank them for giving us the loot bag:   
2 pairs of slippers, beach towel and a notebook <3

So there, you might  want to visit Ipanema and have your own piece of Rio at your feet. Aside from Ipanema  stores, you can also purchase their slippers at Bambu.

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'til my next event telling with you
Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3

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