Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keep Calm and Hangout

It might be really true that the responsibilities you have tend to increase as you grow older. I remember being asked to sleep at noon. The television set would be turned off and we would be asked to lie down at the mat in the sala (living room). I'd be faking it by lying down and getting up after an hour or two so that they'll thought I had enough siesta. How silly.

Now, everything turned backwards re my sleeping habits. Most of the time, I need to steal a time for sleep and it's not that healthy. My positive side, however, tells me to hold on since after a few months, approximately five, I'd me turning my tassel  I'm looking forward to a lot of sleep since I only have to work 8 hours at maximum. Victory at last.

 So, this is me with my dear friend Jamaica. We've been friends ever since the orientation organized for First Years in Ateneo. Basically, we're college partners be it in crimes, in school works or even in hanging out? I really want to question the last thing I've said. I can't remember when was the last time we we're together and not talking about school stuff. We go to the mall to buy things we need for school and we go to coffee shops to work on our thesis. Can't we go to the mall just to eat or watch a movie? I sense we'll be doing that soon.

After a short modification on our thesis, we decided to take a break. Have fun and let our other dear friend Benj take these photos.




Now talk about taking advantage of my friends to take my picture. I'm sorry guys, I love you so much. This is another carefree look. My usual outfit when I'm in the mall - - jeans, top and flats :)

This post reminds me so much of YOLO. It applies to all of us guys.

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3